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Melas Leukos – Fable Review

Nomadic folk for all the world to love

Melas Leukos creates her recipe of folk tinged rock by adding a slice of mysticism, nomadic adventure, Americana, blues and forest faerie. With her new EP ‘Fable’ released this week, Melas introduces us to six potent rock tracks that lay out her intentions. It’s been a surprise discovery.

Opening with ‘Carry’, Melas Leukos starts off quite folksy with a country vibe to her guitar sway. Once her voice kicks in though, the music switches tone from country like to something more driven – almost psyche rock. It comes from her chord progressions that evoke that hazy 70’s glaze. Moving towards the simple acoustic offerings of greats like Linda Perhacs, but slightly more ethereal – ‘Woods’ delights with its beautiful melody. ‘Sister Wolf’ continues the feel that this album could be in Appalachian mountains, or in the country desert. It feels like a wild western as it stays taut on a single note for verses and angrily finger picks the guitar at you.

Melas Leukos

Melas Leukos also reminds me of Juana Molina for her love of dissonant chord and vocal clashes. When something is purposely too close but just off centre – that is the perfect description of ‘Wake Up’ as it waltzes its way from ear to ear. The EP then takes a more scenic and echoed tone for the final two tracks – like a mystical folk rock version of This Mortal Coil. Both ‘Belly of the Whale’ and the title track ‘Fable’ play in that ethereal otherworldly space. The first track is a quiet and lonely track whereas the hippy synths and beats of the closing track feels like we’re getting set to move on again – kickstarting a new story to be written.

‘Fable’ is an excellent introduction to a new (to me at least) artist. Melas Leukos’ hotpot of psychedelic folk is bang on point and I plan to surrender to her spell over and over again.

Recommended track: Carry

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