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Brim Liski – Duels Review

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Brim Liski’s sound is a real melting pot of sounds and thoughts and returning after a seven year hiatus with their new EP ‘Duels’ – the title itself is one of the best descriptions of their music.

Brim Liski

You see, Brim Liski often take two separate sounds and smash them together in interesting ways. Take the opening track ‘The Music Years’ which takes dark synthwave pulses, beats and rhythms but then has a grungy electric guitar raising hell over the top of it. The two sounds push together to create a feeling and fluidity to the music that works. The title track ‘Duels’ then takes more tribal percussive elements and mixes it against firstly piano and pizzicato strings and then industrial noise. It sounds like Dead Can Dance minus the vocals went to a seedy bar. ‘A Different View’ returns back to the synthwave world with a rubbery guitar vaporwave feel for something that feels straight out of the mid-’80s. The closing track then takes an ethereal Cocteau Twin guitar signature from their early 90’s era and makes a lush closing piece with ‘Evolution’. The latter two tracks feature vocals which work nicely for ‘Evolution’ but feel a little overwrought with ‘A Different View’. As with all music, it is down to personal taste though.

Brim Liski’s music is an interesting fusion of sounds and given they are based in America – it’s the kind of electronica mash up you often here from Italy. I really like the plugged electronica sound and I hope Brim Liski don’t plan to leave it seven years before their next release.

Recommended track: Duels

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brim liski - duels



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