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Introducing… Heather O’Neill

Pricking the Witch

Moving away from some of her more jazzier infused singer-songwriter moods into something more alt-piano pop, Heather O’Neill has captured my imagination with her new single ‘Pricking the Witch’. Inspired by the 16th Century practice of testing who bled, Heather’s new single is a dream-like Portishead / Everything But The Girl cross over. The keyboard rhythms and circular riffs build momentum over the course of the song to pull you in. Heather lists John Waters as one of her inspirations and you can hear that in her tongue in cheek black humour hidden under the lyrical veil.

‘Pricking the Witch’ is available to listen to below and is out now as a single. It’s one of those songs that I’m glad I went back to for a second listen as it doesn’t immediately hook you in, but it gets into your mind subtly. Here’s hoping to more haunting chillax times with Heather O’Neill with an upcoming EP or LP soon.

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