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Mesadorm’s new single and upcoming documentary gives me heart for music’s future

Epic music and a roadtrip tour documentary

With Mesadorm’s second album ‘Epicadus’ due out on the 19th of April, their new single ‘When She’s In That Mood’ shows off the bands’ brilliant acoustic side. Balancing beautiful melodies, soulful vocals and a full jazzy rock finale that claws at your emotions, it’s another superb track to add to Mesadorms roster.


I don’t usually purely review a single, but this is an exception. It ties in excellently to the bands upcoming tour documentary ‘Colour and Sound’. Due for release on the 12th of April, it’s been put together by Tom Jacob whom stayed with the band on their tour. The result is an hour of roadtrip footage, live performance and insight into music making. It’s mashed up with lots of banter and faux interviews and shows off the power of friendship in music making. Not everything will land with everyone, but the joy of seeing five musician friends doing what they love is undeniable. That’s what music is about for me.

‘Colour and Sound’ the documentary is out on 12th of April, whilst the single ‘When She’s In That Mood’ is available now. Higher Plain Music will be grabbing ‘Epicadus’ for review on release week. Enjoy the single below.

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