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Rest in Peace Wowaka

Vocaloid Producer and rock star passes away

As an avid fan of Vocaloid music (Miku Hatsune and others), I found a few gateway songs that drew me into the utter joy and madness that sent me spiralling down the rabbit hole of vocaloid producers. One of the very first that I discovered and fell head over ears in love with was Wowaka and the track ‘Rolling Girl’. Wowaka’s trademark trashing guitars, angsty vocals and heavy riffs were infectious and I soon grabbed his album and lapped up all his works I could find.

He moved on to front the band Hitorie continuing to show off his guitar skills but also his vocal abilities too. Sadly Wowaka passed away over the weekend. It’s always difficult to translate how someone you never knew that had a big influence in your lifestyle passing away makes you feel. It’s a strange feeling of loss even though for the majority of my knowledge of him, he was simply an anonymous name, as I picked up his Hitorie works only recently. All I can say is thank you for the music. Wowaka was 31.

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