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Something Leather – Sip The Thrill Review

Seaside organs taken out to burn

Brighton based trio Something Leather adds something pretty groovy to their brand of rock – a 70’s Phillips organ. The result is that their single ‘Sip The Thrill’s crisp guitars and stodgy bass are given a vintage dark horror vibe with this thick rock organ overture blasting throughout. It’s a great combo and since Something Leather hails from Brighton in the UK, it’d be remiss of me to not mention a certain evil seaside vibe that the organ brings alongside the whispy vocals and rock.

Something Leather

The single ‘Sip The Thrill’ is out now on digital and vinyl and comes with b-side ‘Wipe the Dust’ which is a brooding slow burn that ends in an explosion of tandem organ and guitar riffs.

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Something Leather - Sip the Thrill



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