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Eli Rainsberry – Jetstream Soundtrack Review

Music for cloud floating

There’s a small corner of the video game soundtrack world that deals entirely with melodic airy ambience. Small little ditties that feel celestial, playful and full of imagination. That’s exactly where the short but sweet soundtrack for ‘Jetstream’ from Eli Rainsberry sits.

Eli Rainsberry

Across its eleven tracks and 19 minutes, Eli Rainsberry creates a bubbly gurgle of soft electronica to relax to. The closest I can think of soundtrack wise to it is the Pixeljunk Monster’s soundtracks from Otograph and to a lesser extent Julio Kallio’s sequel soundtrack. Each track, which represents a section of levels, evokes a floating cloud-like energy. The synth’s gently pulse over each other in simple tones whilst the thin bass underneath often does a lot of the melodic heavy lifting. There is also a lovely touch with xylophone motifs that remind me of airport check in announcements. It is so simple on the surface yet I found myself hitting repeat on the soundtrack several times today during a stressful day at work and found it immediately calming.

Whilst each track feels and sounds similar and there are subtle differences – Jetstream is best taken as a whole. Let is wash over your ears and mind and relax you. It’s cosy warmth is like a gentle pillow to get rid of your stress. Eli Rainsberry has created an excellent soundtrack that works just as well out of the game as it does inside it.

Recommended track: Checkpoint

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Eli Rainsberry - Jetstream Soundtrack



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