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Manu Delago releases fascinating making of video for ‘Parasol Peak’

A musical expedition - documented

Manu Delago’s excellent 2018 album Parasol Peak was recorded during a climbing expedition through the Alps. In frankly one of the maddest things I’ve ever heard, the handpan and percussion maestro took six other musicians with him on a once in a lifetime journey. They recorded the album as they climbed and the sounds of the world around them are part of the album itself.

Along the way, they filmed their journey. This has culminated in the documentary ‘On Ice and Rock’ which acts as a partner to his album. It follows Manu’s affinity with mountains and how the album comes together sonically. Need a clever percussive drum? Tap a tree with a branch! Currently, Manu is on tour with screenings of the documentary followed by a live performance of the album itself. Snippets of the documentary are included in this making of video below. It’s utterly fascinating and the doubleheader tour is well worth a visit.

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