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CAYES – Love Life Death Review

Love Life Death Repeat

CAYES are a duo from Austria who released their debut EP ‘Love Life Death’ last month. Having stumbled across them on one of those random dark holes you can get into on Soundcloud, I immediately fell for their dark grungy folk rock cross over. It’s the exact tone of darkness that I look for in my music and it’s clear the duo are talented.


‘Shades Awake’ kicks off the EP with a slow burning dirge. Think of a slightly more restrained Chelsea Wolfe or Emma Ruth Rundle but only by a smidge. The chords and electric guitars add up over the track alongside the echoing hymn like chorus. It is very gothic and its outro is genius. ‘Angst’ is a more direct rock track in the vein of PJ Harvey. It’s simple riffs allow space for the music to breathe and evolve and I like the xylophone side-dishes hidden under the guitars. They give a certain sinister feel to the track. ‘Hollow’ rounds off the EP with a slow motion shoegaze piece that feels desolate and desperate in how plodding each instrument is. I love it in a track when the ferocity of the noise conveys the emotion of a track and this is what ‘Hollow’ does well.

‘Love Life Death’ is a strong opener for CAYES. There’s plenty for them to play with around this genre and I really like how they clearly have a defined central sound but aren’t afraid to embellish around it. CAYES are definitely ones to watch in the future.

Recommended track: Angst

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CAYES - Love Life Death



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