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Introducing… Innes Wilson

Introducing... Canadiana!

Innes Wilson made me laugh when I found his Bandcamp page and looked at the music tags. I knew the Americana was a music genre (much to my annoyance) but Innes also lists himself as Canadiana! I didn’t know this was a thing but there are a few other releases too tagged as Candiana. Does that mean its alt-rock that apologies between tracks?

I hope not as Innes Wilson has an excellent style. He mixed little snippets of rock, folk, ambient and of course singer/songwriter vibes to create music that varies from earworm anthems to quiet lullabies. His new album ‘The Heart That Holds This Up’ is out now and the lead track ‘A Whispered Goodnight’ is available to stream below. I’ll be picked it up later in the year for review but its a great release.

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