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New in Rotation this week for Higher Plain Music Radio #1

New music for mid September

Every week or so a new hours worth of music is added to Higher Plain Music Radio. I thought it might be of interest to some of the listeners to know what has been added to the playlists. There is a ‘New in Rotation’ show that plays the newly added tracks on Monday 9 pm, Wednesday 1 pm and midday Saturday but the songs will pop up elsewhere too.

The new tracks added this week are:

  • Bat For Lashes – Peach Sky
  • Tennis System – Turn
  • Baby Taylah – Reclaim
  • Chelsea Wolfe – The Mother Road
  • Fox Stevenson – Dreamland
  • IRAH – Worship the Sun
  • Lily & Madeleine – Just Do It
  • Little Coyote – Electric
  • Manu Delago – Circadian
  • Mermaidens – Millennia
  • She Keeps Bees – Coyote
  • toasterpastries – DOS
  • Vanessa Forero – Heaven Knows
  • Yes We Mystic – Undertow

Most of these tracks are from 2019 releases and all of them are from releases I’ve just recently bought. This is an experimental additional post each Sunday. I’ll keep an eye on the viewing numbers to see if these are of interest to readers and either keep it up or perhaps move it to fortnightly or monthly. As always – thanks for your support and let me know your feedback.

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