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New in rotation for Higher Plain Music Radio W/C 29th Sept 2019

A piano and experimental vibe for this weeks new tracks!

This week’s new in rotation playlist has a decidedly piano-based vibe and some clues for upcoming album reviews. There is a ‘New in Rotation’ show that plays the newly added tracks on Monday 9 pm, Wednesday 1 pm and midday Saturday but the songs will pop up elsewhere too.

  • Featurette – Boken
  • The Boy, the Bird and the Beast – Suns of Zion
  • Hania Rani – Hawaii Oslo
  • Carlos Cipa – and she was
  • Adam Gubman – Pakke Mit Hjerte
  • GENTLE LOVE – Scattered and Lost
  • Taco Mouth – Fighting for Today
  • Petra – Tavel
  • 65daysofstatic – five waves
  • Crooked Ghost – Sleepwalker
  • Ed Carlsen – Words
  • Iglooghost, Kai Whiston & BABii – Lamb

Also due a technical issue, ‘Kimi No Youni Ikiretara’ from Uchunekoko will be on the new in rotation playlist this week as a software error prevented the track from playing during last weeks playlist.

Listen to Higher Plain Music Radio below and don’t forget to let me know who you’d like to hear on the station for others to discover!

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