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Black Doldrums – She Divine Review

Rock with a twang in the tail

Black Doldrums new EP should be renamed ‘She Divinely Twangs’. The duo Kevin (guitars and vocals) and Sophia (drums) who make up Black Doldrums have crafted a penchant for making sure the riffs for each of their tracks have a sitar-like bend to them.

Black Doldrums

It’s an infectious drive that carries across each of the 5 tracks. With ever driving drums hammering the riffs home, it feels psychedelic and entrancing. ‘Mae’s Desire’ is possibly the best example of it as it encompasses moany vocals, shoegazing angst and a richly dark and malevolent outro. There’s plenty to shout about elsewhere too with the Eastern-psych rock of ‘Hearts That Beat Will Never Mend’ and the more grungy noise twist to the title track. Once you tune into the vibe, you’ll be riding that bendy twang all the way home across the EP’s half-hour span. Black Doldrums love an extended outro and I wholeheartedly approve.

Now with a couple of EPs behind them, Black Doldrums really have created a cohesive and powerful sound. The power makes each element combined more than the sum of its parts. This is a road trip soundtrack for goths.

Recommended track: Mae’s Desire

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The Black Doldrums - She Divine



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