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Charly Bliss – Supermoon Review

Not content with making one of the best rock albums of 2019, Charly Bliss follow up the superb ‘Young Enough’ with the equally fantastic EP ‘Supermoon’. The EP acts as a perfect starting point for new fans as it is a balanced bridge between the bands first and second albums.

Across the five tracks Charly Bliss split their Americana Sugar Rock into two camps. Tracks like ‘Feed’ and ‘Slingshot’ borrow from the fast and furious riffs and quirky beats from the first album ‘Guppy’. The tracks aren’t so much more immediate but a little rawer. ‘Heaven’ and ‘Threat’ pull more from the anthemic riffs of the bands latest album ‘Young Enough’.

Charly Bliss
Charly Bliss

The title track ‘Supermoon’ then plops right into the middle of the two and signals perhaps the future direction of the band or a neat bow to wrap up the bands’ journey to date. Either way, all five tracks are excellent. They are three minute tightly woven earworms that stay with you long after they finish.

It’s not often I’ll recommend a bonus EP as a great place to start with a band but ‘Supermoon’ gives you the breadth and depth of Charly Bliss. Condensed, intense and full of sparkles and sass – this is another top release in 2019.

Recommended track: Feed

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Charly Bliss - Supermoon



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