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Clark – Branding Problem Review

Experimental dancefloor bangers

Rounding off his 2019 in style, Clark releases a two-track electronic banger set with ‘Branding Problem’ and its flipside track ‘Legacy Pet’.


It’s not often I review such a short release but each track has a lot going on. ‘Branding Problem’ is riff infected. The razor-sharp synths and thumping kick drum never stop. As the track moves into its second half the track’s main synth line begins to break up and fall apart into a choppy mess. When that riff keels over, a distressed percussion loop kicks in as if to signify that the world turns once your gone – complete with chiptune death note. ‘Legacy Pet’ is equally as leftfield. Clark creates a trance synth melody but places it into a slow-motion early Lamb style track. This results in the piece feeling like your off to a rave in your slippers.

Clark has a reputation of smashing together all kinds of electronica in weird and wonderful ways. Following on from his hauntingly atmospheric electronic smudge that is ‘Kiri Variations’ earlier this year – it is a complete 180. Clark can take it to the zen garden and once again Clark has shown he can take it to the dancefloor too.

Recommended track: Branding Problem

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Clark - Branding Problems



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