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Higher Plain Music Radio temporarily off-air

Restructuring for a future relaunch

After a three month test and evaluation period, I’ve decided to take Higher Plain Music off the air effective of today, with a view to having it back on the air around summertime 2020.

Why has Higher Plain Music Radio been taken off air?

It has been a rewarding three months understanding how online radio works, the legalities of it and dealing with its complexities. Ultimately, the high-cost barrier of having a UK licence meant I couldn’t afford an American and Canadian licence and vice versa. I went with the UK licence as I’m a UK resident but in hindsight, the majority of my readers are in America. The small number of UK listeners simply didn’t justify the hundreds of pounds per year to run it – particularly as I look at turning my projects into something more business-like. I need to use that money elsewhere to support other projects at the moment.

Will it be coming back?

Yes. I have learnt so much by doing it the hard way and I’ll be putting it all to good use. Essentially Radio 2.0 will be using a different provider (most likely Live365) that allows me to broadcast in America, Canada and the UK under one fee. The money I save from not running the station for 6 months will go a long way towards paying for something better. I’ll continue to evaluate when will be the best time to relaunch the station based on feedback, budget and scope of what I can do.

So I’ve gone down the podcast route for now!

In the meantime, I’ve opened up Higher Plain Music on YouTube. I had been in the process of organising a few different styles of interviews and podcasts covering artists. I’ve uploaded a couple of older podcasts to show some of the show formats but more shows are coming in the future. Feel free to subscribe to the channel, but I’ll let you know on the site when new podcasts and interviews are added here too.

Anything else exciting coming up?

There are three other things coming up relating to Higher Plain Music in 2020 that I’m excited for but I’ll have more on that in January. This year has been the biggest and most successful of Higher Plain Music’s 11-year history. 2020 will be looking to strengthen that. Cheers!

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