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Kimberly Hou – Opus One Review

Piano: Recital Edition

Sounds Like…

That piano recital scene that you get in very tense movies

The review

Classical pianist Kimberly Hou has released her debut EP ‘Opus One’ at the perfect time for intimate reflection. The four-track instrumental piano collection feels grand and homegrown at the same time. It makes it perfect for staying at home in isolation with.

Kimberly Hou

Each track has its own style and timbre. The waltzing elegance of ‘Dancing in Time’ feels poised and whimsical. In contrast, ‘Reflections’ is cinematic and bold in its statements. Kimberly Hou moves around the piano like she is at one with it. It feels like the centrepiece of the EP and evokes everything that ‘Her Lie in April’ evokes. ‘For My Love’ and ‘Field of Memories’ continue down that path too. They feel like sombre recital pieces because of how steeped in the ‘classical’ style they are.

It was interesting to me that Kimberly Hou lists out her classical competition results from the last decade as it really sets the scene. ‘Opus One’ is a brief flirtation back to a safe and warm world of classical piano. Whilst I do prefer the weird and wonderful boundary-breaking of modern contemporary classical, Kimberly Hou is able to convey a lot of emotion without sending you to sleep or ever feeling rigid. I hope she continues to branch out into a variety of styles in the future.

Recommended track: Reflections

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Kimberly Hou - Opus One



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