Bandcamp Revenue Waiver Day – Here’s Some Stuff I’m Buying

If your email inbox is anything like mine, it will be crammed full of new releases and messages from musicians telling you that Bandcamp is waiving their already small revenue share from all sales today. I’ve saved up and will be spending most of my spare cash today on this to grab many releases and thought I’d pop a few of the bands I’ll be buying from below.

Paper Beats Scissors

He has just put his new album on a pay-what-you-can for the day. It’s a beautiful folk collection.


Very prolific electronica duo release an EP a month and have put some of their latest on pay-what-you-can too. Fans of Curve – this is what Dean Garcia is doing now.

I am Robot and Proud

This electronic chill fest is both kawaii and intricate. A little vaporwave, a little ambient chiptune. All great. The whole catalogue has a 20% discount with the code MAY2020.

Imogen Heap

Has music available today only. Has she ever created anything that isn’t amazing? /fanboy

Dear Pariah

Has popped a live EP up for pay-what-you-can but this acoustic singer/songwriter’s back catalogue is full of absolute gems.


I love their chiptunes and the monthly bundles are a mish mash of gems and all on a pay-what-you-can scale.

Kaya Project

If you want to travel the world without leaving your home, Kaya Project do World Fusion absolute justice every time. This is their latest work.

Fox Food Records

Fox Food Records specialise in bedroom acoustic / indie rock sounds and I enjoy most of their releases. A lot of their artists are putting their records on sale or as pay-what-you-can so have a rummage. I do recommend Good Good Blood for hippy vibes though!

I could go on forever but I’m doing this in my lunch break so I need to go and buy! My wishlist is massive and I need to bury myself into it. Enjoy and happy music times for all.

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