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Derek Yau – May Review

A single piano piece makes an EP

Derek Yau is very much an anti artist in the way how musicians work these days. The pianist and composer has little of an online presence and his latest release ‘May’ is a single track. Admittedly that track is 25 minutes long but it contains lots of movements and transitions in it that makes it feels like a self contained EP in all but name.

Derek Yau

For those that look out for piano music, Derek Yau will fall more towards your classical and minimalist side of the genre. His music is both relaxing, uplifting and straddles improvisation and structure. ‘May’ flits effortlessly around like a curious wander in a musical forest. Everything feels bright and lush but you are never quite sure what’s around the next corner.

‘May’ is an unusual and difficult release to pitch because the piece works as a whole single track. You can’t just dive into different segments because although certain parts are beautifully put together, they feel like the unveilings of riches you need to earn. If that doesn’t put you off – and you don’t look for immediate hooks – there is definitely something to enjoy here. It’s a bit of an enigma really – much like Derek himself.

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Derek Yau - May



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