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Introducing… Sylvette

Your new fandom for quirky indie rock

Five-piece art rockers Sylvette are gearing up for their second album of dramatic and creative rock. Each band member comes from a different musical background and so they each bring an element of what they love to the band. They then joined forces with New Order guitarist Phil Cunningham to help bring their new album to life. The result is rock that borrows a lot from the indie pop and new wave scene. Sylvette add in a lot of drama and intensity with their melodies, vocals and drum breakdowns. You won’t be getting a simple 4/4 verse/chorus/verse structure here.

Syvlette’s new single ‘Kelpius’ is a mixture of old and new. Raspy synths mix with guitars and modern-day drum machines to create a weird and wonderful kaleidoscopic indie rock anti-anthem. Think Radiohead mashed up with Beck and a splash of Bjork and you will be in the vague ballpark. Enjoy the music video for ‘Kelpius’ below. It is taken from the forthcoming album ‘Stiller Than Still’ which is due out on 17th July.

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