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ChronoWolf – High Tech Low Life Review

Synth rock for the gamers

Sounds like…

Dystopian chip tune dreams.

The review

ChronoWolf returned to the world of chiptunes after a near 5 year break earlier this year with ‘Higher Tech Low Life’. The furry-persona has a wonderful mixture of dystopian feels, pitch bending synths and heavy rock drums. The result is an EP that feels like ChronoWolf has never been away and has returned just as dramatic as ever.


One of the reasons why I personally enjoy ChronoWolf above a lot of other chiptune artists is that they bring in elements of other genres into the mix. ‘Mega City 6’ opens the EP crammed full of synths but with a relaxation/evil city vibe. ‘Exortus’ starts off like a Metroidvania classic before the synths give way to orchestral stabs and choirs. The two sides then merge together in a euphoric and epic way whilst an electric guitar joins to support to main synths too. It is a wonderful melting pot that is irresistible.

Title track ‘High Tech Low Life’ sees ChronoWolf pull out retro bleeps and merge them into a cyber-punk setting. The heavy arpeggiators and stadium rock drums thrive in their settings and the simple bass transitions stop things feeling repetitive too. Its a ‘Streets of Rage’ arcade stage in waiting. The EP closes with ‘Third Times A Chill’ which adds in some bright piano and saxophone samples to give off a Sonic-jazz feel. It is another step change but it doesn’t feel random because the same synths and drums are used throughout. Everything feels connected like a story and its a pleasure to listen to.

Thankfully it looks like ChronoWolf’s return is the start of a new selection of music as a new album ‘Arora’ launched this week too. Long may the creative spark continue. ChronoWolf is one of the most interestingly straightforward creators in the chiptune world.

Featured track: Exortus

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ChronoWolf - High Tech Low Life



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