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Carina Round – Live in Los Angeles Review

Stunning live EP showcases a live talent

With COVID-19 halting tours in their tracks, quite a few musicians have decided to release live EPs or LPs to cover the void of live performances. Carina Round is one of these artists, releasing the five track ‘Live in Los Angeles’ to provide everyone with some stunning alt-rock. Whilst we are all sad live music hasn’t been accessible for a while in person, the minor upshot is you discover musicians who can kill it live. Carina Round is certainly one of those.

Carina Round

Carina’s brand of hectic rock is raucous and bold and this translates across to her live settings. Electric guitars scram and chug across the wild ‘Weird Dream’ and in particular the closing anthem ‘Mothers Pride’. The song starts off like a swimmy Hawaiian creep before exploding into a rock anthem designed to scream and bellow to. It is a sunning performance. Elsewhere, when usually weird effects are used on her albums, keyboard organs and synth strings are used. This works perfectly for slightly more rockier and blitzkrieg-esque ‘You Will Be Loved Again’ and the more traditional ‘Pick Up The Phone’ and ‘Set Fire’. There is even a saxophone hidden in there. The tracks are sufficiently different from the originals and Carina’s vocals are on point and strong throughout.

Whilst it may not be the best starting point for new fans (I recommend the album ‘Slow Motion Addict’ as the easiest entry point) – all Carina Round fans will lap up this live performance. If anything, it now makes me determined to see her live in the future. Put pure and simply – this rocks.

Recommended track: Mothers Pride

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Carina Round - Live At Los Angeles



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