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Introducing… Deleo

Tense pop you can bop to

French dark pop quintet Deleo describe their music as ‘if pop, rock and electro has never been split’ and its a snappy and accurate description. Their songs definitely have a pop sensibility to them but as guitars or electronics crowd in, each track Deleo have released so far has had a definite edge to it that simply couldn’t call pop either. I love it when a band straddles typical trappings and defies an easy description and Deleo are certainly that.

‘Mythomania’ is their second single from their forthcoming debut EP ‘Unfair’ which is due for release in October. ‘Mythomania’ uses some great vocal trickery and goth inspired chord progressions but places it all in a pop set up. I think its a stunning single and really gets me excited for how they continue to rearrange their triple threat palette of music for their forthcoming EP. Enjoy the single below – its out now.

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