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Flica – Tapskog Review

Sleepy time in Winter

Sounds like…

A gentle ambient vinyl.

The review

Malaysian composer Flica has been creating soft and gentle music for a few years now and his latest release ‘Tapskog’ on Schole Records personifies everything the niche label has to offer. They specialise in ambient moods and ‘Tapsogg’ is a four track EP that tells the journey of walking through a snowy suburb in search of warm lights of home.

Each track has its own instrumentation lead but the songs are made up of glacial music box or piano insides for light percussion, mellotron style keyboards, organs, wind and synths, occasional piano and acoustic guitar. It is like a collection of winter town themes from RPG’s in a way but more subtle with its melodies. The tracks merge into each other in a hushed sleepy way. This isn’t going to be music that you’ll play loudly but it will paint a mood for you instead. The linear notes has a short poetic passage to help place you there.

Fans of The Penguin Cafe, Akira Kosemura and perhaps Manu Delago will adore this kind of laid back musical moment in time. It is short, sweet and wholesome. This is perfect for whimsy sleepy time.

Recommended track: White Woods

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Flica - Tapsksog



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