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She – Harvest Review

The smoothest chiptune pop

Swedish chiptune creator She returns with their latest EP, a quickfire selection of tracks that feel breezy and airy to the point of chillaxing.

The beauty of ‘Harvest’ is that this time around She has employed the vocals of Lain Volta and then taken their chipset back to the early 90’s of synthwave. The result is a very short EP but one that evokes everything I loved about Saturday Morning cartoons. Remember Sonic the Hedgehog vocal themes? Switch them over to be slightly more synth-driven and that’s what this EP provides.

She – with Lain Volta

The title track and ‘Half Mast’ permeate around that chilled Boys 2 Men RnB vibe – entirely as a chiptune of course. The sumptuous beats and power chords of electric keyboards effortlessly smooth out the radiowaves before you and the cheesy vocals work a treat on it too. ‘Chiptune Girl’ delightfully opens with a sound snippet from the crazy Series Experiments Lain before kicking off the more upbeat gameboy anthem riffs and celebratory vocals. The entire EP is made with a gameboy and then sounds like its been pushed through an FM radio transmission. It is a bit like the musical equivalent of watching back a fuzzy VHS recording. That works for all the tracks but especially opener ‘Muse’ which is the most dynamic and dramatic. Pulling from house music, chiptune, RnB and kids TV shows, this feels warmly nostalgic and is an absolute bop.

Whilst its not the place I’d recommend to start with She (Chiptune Memories would be my personal pick), this is a fantastic addition to She’s collection of music. No one else quite embraces the Scandi-pop cheese as She does in the chiptune landscape which is why She stands out as a real leader in the field.

Recommended track: Muse

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She - Harvest



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