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Iamthemorning – Counting the Ghosts Review

Haunted festivities.

Sounds like…

Ghostly Christmas Carols

The review

Whilst I’m not the most connected to Christmas music, I do find some of the original carols quite haunting. When put in the right setting, they can be achingly beautiful and that is exactly what has happened with Iamthemorning.


‘Counting the Ghosts’ is a four track EP that contains two Christmas carols rearranged by Marjana and Gleb who make up Iamthemorning, as well as two new tracks for the ghostly festive season. The Christmas carols have been arranged into a haunted serenity. ‘I Wonder As I Wander’ is like a sad Enya. Marjana’s angelic voice glides effortlessly along as hushed layered hums, tolling bells and moody synths wrap around her. ‘Veni Veni Emmanuel’ takes the choir arrangement further with a light and airy vocal only arrangement. It sounds like only Marjana’s voice has been used and if that’s the case, it shows stunning vocal range and ability.

For Iamthemorning fans, they’ll be a little more interested perhaps in the new tracks. ‘Cradle Song’ is a delicate and curious ballad of piano, synth electric guitar and vocals. The chord pattern is a little unsettling in the chorus but between those, the way the instruments unfurl like glitter glaciers is lush and organic. ‘Counting the Ghosts’ keeps the same instrumentation but is more maddening with its off-kilter chords and marimba clonks. I’m not sure its a Christmas song but it is great nonetheless.

Fans of Iamthemorning will love this. A little witchy, a little gothic, a little festive and a pond of warm acoustics. This fits perfectly into the gothic folk niche that the duo is known for, just a little more ballad focused.

Recommended track: Cradle Song

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Iamthemorning - Counting the Ghosts



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