Content delay for Higher Plain Music due to Covid

As you may have noticed, Higher Plain Music hasn’t had a lot of updates for over a week and this is due to me (Simon the site author – hi!) coming down with Covid. I was hopeful initially that this would be somewhat of a short issue and as I plan content out days, weeks and sometimes months ahead, I had hoped the impact would be very minor. Unfortunately, after 11 days of confirmed Covid (although I suspect I may have had it a fair bit longer) – I’m still very poorly so until I have some proper energy, there will be a short delay in content for Higher Plain Music.

The last two weeks have been a weird mesh of not being able to breathe properly and being utterly exhausted. Once I have focused on being able to breathe in seemingly massively reduced lung capacity, I don’t have the brainpower to be doing too much else. Add to that the weirdest heart palpitations and I can honestly say it is the weirdest brain-numbing and debilitating virus I think I’ve ever had. I’m not really able to focus on discovering, reviewing and articulating my love for music so it is best I take the break to recover and be back fighting fit as soon as possible.

I know some of you also follow Higher Plain Games and the content will also slow to a halt there too although videos were already scheduled into this week before I became so ill.

I had planned to be working on and launching some big new things this month but they’ll have to wait for now. Look forward to being back with you all as soon as possible.


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  1. Hi Simon! Many thanks for the great website! I am sorry to hear! I sincerely hope you fully recover soon!

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