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Higher Plain Music Covid Update

Slow recovery but new content starting again shortly.

I hate being away and not posting something for you every day to discover but as I enter week five of heavy symptoms, I’m learning how to live and slowly work with covid whilst it doesn’t seem to be shifting quickly. I plan to start publishing content over the coming weekend but I don’t think I’ll quite have the energy to be back at the full 10 posts a week for you all straight away.

So keep yourselves safe and sane, I hope you are finding plenty of new music in the meantime and I cannot wait to get some of my own sanity back by publishing more new music and in-depth reviews soon. As a side-note, I had some new exciting projects I was working on for a late Jan launch involving the site. These are of course delayed but expect the PR for artists and Higher Plain Records elements of the site to truly kick off properly from late Feb/March – assuming I make a significant step forward in recovery.

All the best,


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