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Matt Emery – Spotlight Series: Cello Review

How to rip with the cello!

Sounds like…

Taking the cello into a Samurai battle.

The review

Matt Emery launches a series of EPs that spotlight certain instruments and first onto the chopping block is the cello. Matt frames the cello as an instrument to score a battle. Stunningly layered and emotionally charged from beginning to end, it is a tour-de-force that uses just one instrument throughout.

The EP opens with ‘Anxiety Mist’. Matt uses cello layers of cello riffs and charred strokes of bows to conjure a foreboding dread that builds and builds and builds. The tension is unbearable as the music starts to twist off of its tense note into a horror bend. It is a really fascinating piece that uses largely one note for six minutes and it is utterly captivating. In a complete 180, ‘Raindrops and Blood Spurts’ is utterly serene and bombastic. The way everything flows is like busy streams of music overpowering each other. It is melodic and powerful and I had the track on repeat several times and felt like I was full of energy and ready to kick ass.

photo of Matt Emery
Matt Emery

The other four tracks on the EP are slightly calmer in mood. ‘Death Stare’ and ‘Bodies Become The Forest’ are subdued tracks that really lean into how a small quiver in the strings can really play on your emotion. It also shows how you can layer the cello to be a lead voice as well as a full-bodied backup. Talking of full-bodied – Matt Emery has done a stunning job of making sure the cello arrangements are full of depth. Each track has real clarity to it and that is showcased with the cinematic finale ‘R for Rebirth’ which gives the cello a beautiful final bow.

Anyone who enjoys the cello needs to pick this EP up immediately. I fell in love with it upon first listen. Daring, evocative, emotional and a wide spread of ideas – the cello has been done proud by Matt Emery. Grab it!

Recommended track: Raindrops and Blood Spurts

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Matt Emery - Spotlight Series: Cello



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