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Stefano Fasce – Solitary Places Review

Music for solitude and heart.

Sounds like…

Classical musings from quiet corners across Europe.

The review

Some of my favourite pieces of classical music blur the lines of modern classical, traditional elements, cinematic moments and even a bit of electronica thrown in too. Stefano Fasce launched his debut album ‘Solitary Places’ at the end of 2020 but I hadn’t found it until now. In just over 25 minutes Stefano takes you on a wide and varied journey. It shows just how diverse his compositions can be and how powerful they can be too.

Lead single ‘Human’ opens the album mixing in everything Stefano Fasce has to off. From bold strings and cinematic sweeps to arpeggiating synths and moments of grandeur – it’s an epic opener. Clearly pitching himself into the ‘I can do documentaries and sci-fi movies’ category from the start, he works it a treat. What I didn’t expect was how over the next 20 minutes that would follow, was that we’d never touch that style again.

Stefano Fasce

Instead, we get careful bluesy piano from ‘Things I Didn’t Say’ and a track that reminds me of Baroque ballroom parties with ‘Lost Eden’. The latter reminds me of the track from Venice in Tomb Raider 2 but it would work in any period drama. Then we have the Asian tinged ‘Distant Skies’ which meshes beautiful woodwind instruments with soaring strings. It has a huge dose of beautiful melancholy and unrequited love to it. Elsewhere ‘Snow’ is rich with flowing strings and soft pianos whilst ‘Riposte’ waltzes like an Italian rose being thrown out a window. It is feisty and passionate – full of energy for its short life span. Equally impressive are ‘Icarus’ and ‘Zephyr’. These tracks evoke optimism and hope alongside their beauty even if the melodies have a bittersweet ring.

Put simply, each of Stefano Fasce’s tracks on ‘Solitary Places’ evokes passion and emotion in a completely different way. They all stir the pot so-to-speak but rarely sound remotely similar – yet it sounds so cohesive. Over in just 26 minutes, it’s a short album but it leaves an impact on you in that timeframe. A treat for modern and traditional classical lovers, Stefano Fasce doesn’t stray far from the genre’s roots but he can spin variations of himself effortlessly and with charm. Wonderful.

Recommended track: Human

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Stefano Fasce - Solitary Places



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