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Video Premiere – Gifts From Crows shares beautiful new single

Exclusive video premiere to celebrate a beautiful neoclassical EP.

Gifts From Crows, the moniker for composer Richard Laurence, released his new EP ‘Northern Film Orchestra Sessions Vol 1’ last month. The EP takes his already superb sample-based compositions from his debut album ‘Holding a Thought Forever‘ and elevates them. Each of the three tracks has a fluidity and depth that bringing in a 20 piece orchestra affords. Gifts From Crows has also adapted each track to ensure that this new level of depth makes each track richer.

photo of Gifts From Crows Northern Film Orchestra Sessions Vol 1
Photo by Corey Rid – taken in session

The result is a poignant and graceful EP that feels like the full realisation of three tracks from Gifts From Crows catalogue. Working with the Northern Film Orchestra, the neoclassical style balances vibrancy and heaviness with equal aplomb. The EP was recorded in Stoller Hall in Manchester. ‘As Nature Returns’ is reworked from a piano-led neoclassical piece into one that shares the main melody with sumptuous wind and string instruments. They wax and wane between power and delicate plinks beautifully. ‘No Place In This World’ is extended and given extra oomph in the bass department with bombastic string rearrangements. The track was dramatic beforehand – now it is fully pumped up. ‘Remembering Who What We Are’ is also able to strip back the pianos from the original and replace them with a full-bodied orchestral arrangement. The inclusion of some beautiful marimba is a great addition and evokes a watery flashback vibe. If you are worried that the piano-led compositions are now pianoless; don’t be. The piano is still present, it just holds a seat at the table rather than commanding it. This is a wise choice as the beauty of this EP comes from the interplay of switching which instruments lead sections of each track.

Exclusive video premiere

In an exclusive premiere, Higher Plain Music is delighted to bring you the new music video for the lead single ‘No Place In This World’. It is a mixture of evocative nature landscapes and footage from the recording session. It works perfectly with the music in a way that all good drone shots of earth matched with excellent classical music do. The concept of the album is all about home and where that may be for different people or species. Enjoy the music video below.

For more information about Gifts From Crows, you can visit his Instagram or Facebook. The EP is currently available to stream on Spotify or for purchase.

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Gifts From Crows - Northern Film Orchestra Sessions Vol 1



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