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Giungla – Turbulence Review

Italian indie pop that rocks as much as it dances.

Sounds like…

Edgy and inventive indie-pop.

The review

Milan based Giungla has been on my radar since heard her recent single ‘Turbulence‘. It was a perfect slice of edgy indie-pop that reminded me of Frou Frou, Huski and Lupa J with some minimal modern pop nods too. The Italian singer-songwriter has armed herself with her guitar and a massive synth rack for her new EP ‘Turbulance’ which lives up to the singles hype.

photo of Giungla

The title track opens the EP up beautifully with its grungy electro-pop. Giungla’s voice is pop perfection as she switches from hushed choruses that ooze sensuality and more emotional verses. I love how the percussion sizzles and shuffles and then give way to distant post-rock guitar glitches too. It is my perfect idea of where pop, electronica and indie collide. It’s this area that Giungla makes her own throughout the rest of the EP too. ‘Little Problem’ is like a dance-rock track that Natalie Imbruglia could have written on her muddier second album. From the staunch aggressive power chords of the chorus to the slinky verses, everything on the track feels dangerous. ‘Jump’ is a heavier Italian rock track. Reminding me a little of Elastica with the trash strumming on a speedy riff, it’s got passion and spunk.

‘Walking on the Ceiling’ is a lighter poppier piece led by guitars, organs and a bouncy drum loop. Instead, it’s Giungla’s voice that does the heavy lifting with quickfire lyrics and layers of voice that make the deeper end of the track. The EP closes with the fine electro-rock ‘Give Up’. The closest sound I have to Giungla is the superb Huski (Melanie Garside) and this track could have come from them too. The guitar noodles, the big dance drums, the ragged grungy undertones – it just works and it rocks.

I’ve not found many artists new to me in 2021 that I’ve instantly clicked with on first listen. Giungla is an exception. A dark forceful power resides in this indie-pop-that-rocks vibe that makes her sound like she’s on a dangerous mission at all times. If that mission is to bring indie anthems and bounties of earworms then Giungla succeeds on every level. I am very much a new and delighted fan.

Recommended track: Turbulence

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Giungla - Turbulence



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