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Paul Feder – Nightwalk Review

Indie synthwave that wants to dance sadly.

Sounds like…

Early Adam Fielding electronica.

The review

With more than a penchant for vocoder effects, Paul Feder releases his debut solo EP ‘Nightwalk’. It is a largely uplifting and positive collection of electronica tracks that feel like they will spiral into an alternative sound at any moment but never do.

photo of Paul Feder
Paul Feder

The closest musician I know of to this style of electronica is Adam Fielding in his early days. A mix of heavy synths, light arps, thin and clean vocals and a bit of guitar that wants to join a post-rock band. With tracks that are a little more downbeat and jaded like ‘Lose My Mind’ and ‘Nightwalk’ this approach works excellently. There’s enough bass and guts to swing gravitas around. ‘Desert Run’ uses a dramatic bassline and raspy siren and live drums to bring a dirty edge to the beats, electric keys and wirey synths.

By the final two tracks that darker side is largely replaced by pure power chords and a sweet synthwave flavour. I was less keen on these tracks as they felt a little more formulaic like Paul wants to be on an 80s club floor but the music feels too thin to carry it. The songs themselves are catchy and pleasant to listen to. I guess I came to the album for moody drama but got confused with the happy vocoders and plinky synths.

Electronica fans who like a really smooth and chilled overcoat on their beats will enjoy this. It channels downtempo energy with uptempo beats. A promising debut.

Recommended track: Lose My Mind

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Paul Feder - Nightwalk



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