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Ásgeir – The Sky Is Painted Gray Today Review

Folktronica at its finest.

Sounds like…

Warming acoustic rock.

The review

 Ásgeir has been making cinematic and textured rock for many years and I became a fan when I discovered their 2020 album ‘Bury the Moon’. Fresh from that critically acclaimed and superb album,  Ásgeir is back with a relaxed EP of textured acoustic numbers.

photo of Asgier

Channelling everything that Icelandic music is best known for – emotion, artistic expression and a damn fine melody –  Ásgeir’s new EP continues to show their craft. Each track shies away from drums or percussion but instead fuses the acoustic guitar and soft falsetto voice with layer after layer of synth electronics. ‘On The Edge’ has a tape chewed elixir of synths that feel warm and fuzzy but detuned too. ‘Sister’ brings in a delicate ballad with piano, guitar and the gentlest warbling synth. It is a tiny accent to a traditional heartfelt piece but explains how  Ásgeir sonically crafts music. ‘Sunday Drive’ has a tight and speedy finger-licking bass that gathers a moody cinematic bloom. Electric piano, thick cloudy vrooms of synths mark dramatic chorus shifts. Add to that an impassioned vocal performance and you have folk gold. the title track is a more colourful affair with brighter synths sparkling around the guitars and vocals like soda water and lime. It adds kick to proceedings.

For fans of  Ásgeir, you’ll love what is already here as a sedate and thoughtful stepping stone between ‘Bury the Moon’ and whatever comes in the future. For new listeners, if you want some of the best understated folk-rock music of 2021 – look no further. It is another jewel in the  Ásgeir crown.

Recommended track: Sunday Drive

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Ásgeir - The Sky Is Painted Gray Today



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