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Broken Baby – Late Stage Optimism Review

Your protest album for 2021 has arrived.

Sounds like…

Classicly urgent rock anthems for the tongue in your cheek.

The review

One of my favourite reasons to love what Broken Baby do is that they are able to make a serious point comedically. Their lyrics and anthemic hooks combine to make their new album ‘Late Stage optimism’ full of energy and urgency. It’s full of points to be made but you’ll not be bored by crazy seminar-style layers.

For example ‘Meaniac’ takes the idea of being a dick and turning it into a diagnosis. ‘I am a pessimologist’ sings Amber over huge guitar riffs. Then we have ‘Madonna’s a Dick’ which is a riotous full speed attack on how women are viewed differently for bringing in stern power compared to men. It’s like Gwen Stefani energy combined with some really tight rock. It’s not just gender and women rights that are under the scope. ‘Die! Die! Die!’ sends up the way Governments keep the working class oppressed in a strange Stockholm Syndrome. There’s also plenty of pointed fingers at the consumerist behaviours of the general public too.

photo of Broken Baby
Broken Baby

Whilst all these topics are being thrown about, Broken Baby maintain a mixture of chaotic guitar lines, tight drums and a rowdy punk feel to their rock. Tracks like ‘Manic Panic’ come alive with their edgy punk rawness to the production. ‘Meat Week’ has an insane bass line that flies at you at 100mph whilst the tom rolling drums pound your bones. ‘Hand Heat’ reminds me a little of something Charly Bliss would create as the duo lean into their college rock feels. If bubblegum grunge existed, this would be it. Continuing the expanding inkblot of Broken Baby’s style is the infectious ‘Cloud Coverage’. It sounds nothing like anything else on the album and has a breezy clean production. I love that Broken Baby can knock out these types of tracks when they want to but choose to keep it post-rock trashy. It’s that loud, in your face attitude that draws me back to Broken Baby time after time and this album delivers it in spades.

‘Late Stage Optimism’ is an excellent record. It’s the kind of rock album you can put on at a party and have both a political drinking game and a riot of good intentions to and no one would be upset. Broken Baby’s brand of chaotic uprising whilst enjoying a streamer and light show means you are never short of energy, passion and raw emotion. This should be your protest album for 2021. It will get your blood pumping and ready for the daily grind.

Recommended track: Jack White Money

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Broken Baby - Late Stage Optimism




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