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Tim Linghaus – Memory Sketches II Review

A feeling of longing for something that is lost.

Sounds like…

Fleeting piano-driven moments in time.

The review

‘Memory Sketches II’ is Tim Linghaus’ sequel to his 2018 of the same name. The drive for writing it is simple. Tim says he wants to capture fleeting memories and give them a shape and form before they are forgotten. Released on Schole Records, I couldn’t think of anywhere else this kind of whimsical nostalgic piano music would sit better. Its founder Akira Kosemura relishes and lives in that space and Tim Linghaus leans into the memory fog beautifully.

Much of the album is laced with a vinyl spit. The piano is warm and recorded intimately and up close. There is often a synth underscoring things too and it allows the album to split into four sections. Closing out each one is a track titled ‘Repetitive School Daydream Sequence’ that evokes vaporwave vibes. The opening collection is one of the most flowing and bombastic on the album and fall under the banner of ‘regret’. ‘Running to School With S’ is a stunning piece of piano work and I had hoped for epic flowing childlike energy to appear elsewhere in the album but much of the album falls into the slower, contemplative style.

Where Tim Linghaus excels is in his craft of bringing in different elements to shake up music that could melt track into track and not feel distinctive. For example ‘Because You Were The Universe’ has sympathetic string arrangements and just a few vocal embellishments in key places. Vocal’s never pop up again and whilst strings appear in ‘Maybe More Than You Knew’ – they are sparsely used. Elsewhere electric guitar and piano support the lazy relaxed patterns of ‘Humming While You’re Driving’. The two German named tracks ‘Sommersturm’ and ‘Vergissmeinnicht’ are both standouts too as they are synth focused. The former a warm bubbling wave pattern, the latter a pastel wash of hazy pads, rain and vinyl pops. They all evoke a nostalgic longing and this is captured perfectly in the closing piece. ‘In The Swirling Bubbles of the Lake I Saw Bond and Molecules’ is not the most catchy title but it certainly gives me all the feels as the piano and synths combine and rise up like a heart kettle reaching boiling point.

photo of Tim Linghaus
Tim Linghaus

If there’s a word to encapsulate this album it’s ‘saudade’. The feeling of longing for something that is missing. Schole Records always nail this mood and it feels like their entire label exists for artists to tap into this nostalgic longing. Tim Linghaus succeeds in conveying this with the excellent ‘Memory Sketches II’. I hope he doesn’t forget them.

Recommended track: Sommersturm

Tim Linghaus - Memory Sketches II



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