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Iglooghost – Little Grids Review

ADHD meets zentronica.

Sounds like…

Alien breakbeat symphonies for a Tik-Tok generation.

The review

Iglooghost’s mesmerising album ‘Lei Line Eon‘ still utterly enchants me upon every listen. It was also a marked departure from his drum n bass scattered electronica that is more of a visceral assault on the senses from a bass and beat perspective. ‘Little Grids’ brings this hedonistic feeling back again by resurfacing a track from his debut album with a smartly chaotic EP of new tracks and remixes.

The gem in the crown here is ‘Peanut Choker’ from his debut Neo Wax Bloom. Its hyperactive beats and snaps across sonic dimensions of sound are explosive and dynamic. It is really heavy on the bass and how musical phrases rubber band from note to note like the whole song is swinging around your head. Any Iglooghost fan will find this a firm favourite. The same could be said for the tuned percussion and vocal focused ‘Chinchou / Melon Lantern Girl’s Choir’. The way the glockenspiels and childlike chipmunk vocals bounce around is inspired but firmly melodic. It’s like The Go Team! and Iglooghost cross over with a tape warped natter taking place in the background.

photo of Iglooghost

The second new track is ‘Gold Tea’ which features the fantastic vocals of Charlotte Day Wilson. Her voice is chopped up amongst hammering drills of kickdrums and sped up muted bells. I love how the vocals are layered about ten times over each other with straightforward untouched vocals swimming around all kinds of twisted and warped versions of the same lines. Rounding out the EP are two remixes of Peanut Choker. Maxo Remix takes the chaotic synth runs and places them in the Sonic the Hedgehog Casino area soundtrack. The Slugabed Remix stretches out the time of certain elements of the song into slow drone jazzy moments followed by heavy IDM sections.

Whilst the remixes are not essential, the new tracks are absolute bangers. They deserve as much love as all the previous album and EP releases so Iglooghost and IDM fans would do well to pick up these mental classics in waiting. It’s like listening to ADHD and enlightenment taking place at the same time and that’s why I’ve always fallen deeply for all of Iglooghost’s work to date.

Recommended track: Peanut Choker

Iglooghost - Little Grids



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