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dr7 – Signposting Directions for Fish Review

Numbing downtempo monotony for lockdown thoughts.

Sounds like…

Numbing downtempo riffs for lost days.

The review

Downtempo artist Graham Hawkins aka Doctor 7 (or dr7) often puts out music that flits around different types of electronic downtempo music. Some of it is more hip-hop based, others are jazzier or Detroit themed. “Signposting Directions for Fish” was created during lockdown and straddles both of those ideas with a heavy new age spin on things. dr7 has made his water album and it is a great relaxing vibe.

photo of dr7

“You just name it” opens the album with double bass, Bangla drums and new age synths effortlessly gliding around the speakers. It has an uplifting joy to it whilst feeling like a marching journey over a horizon too. This leads into a trio of tracks that all move from chill out to new age and back again as a collective. “Responsive to one’s surroundings” feels like a sad and isolated piano and distant guitar wail lost in a void to light trip-hop beats. “What’s next” is a rave slowed down to a dirge with synthetic opera vocals over the top of it. When it isn’t evoking slow mo raves it has some beautiful arpeggio synths to swim into. “Awareness or perception” takes those arps and creates something SPC ECO or early Lamb fans would love. The album returns to its more new age, Asian influences for “control the moment” and “Synesthesia” – both effortlessly beautiful and chilled. “Fenced In” closes the album with soft electronic piano and thin drums like a 90’s dance track having a nap.

I love stumbling across a release where it looks like no one knew it even existed but dr7’s work deserves a wider audience and awareness. “Signposting Directions for Fish” feels like glistening moments solidified in time and sound. Each track is repetitive by design but creates a cathartic mood at the same time. It feels numb to listen to but also beautiful in that coldness too. It’s difficult to describe why this specific release clicked with me, but click it did. Well worth checking out.

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dr7 - Signposting Directions for Fish



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