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Zola Jesus returns with stunning single and video – album in May

Back with a bang - new gothic electronica from the caves of survival.

“Lost” is the lead single from Zola Jesus’ forthcoming new album “Arkhon”. It features Zola’s unique vocals and tribal cathartic delivery alongside heavy bass synths and percussion. It signals a new era for the ethereal and powerful singer-songwriter who sounds like she’s moving away from outwardly electronic sounds to something more acoustically percussive alongside her synths and voice. I really like the fact that “Lost” doesn’t chase a defined hook – it is a mood clinging onto melodies instead and it suits the grey universe that Zola Jesus’ music often resides in.

Accompanying the single is a beautifully shot music video. Shot by Mu Tunç  Zola wanders through snowy mountains and creepy yet beautiful caves in Argos, Cappadocia. It looks stunning and whilst there is a lot of candlelit cave moments, the story and mood shine.

“Lost” is taken from “Arkhon” which is releasing on the 20th of May. It is available for pre-order now. Enjoy the music video below and I personally enjoy Zola’s Twitter too for keeping up to date with her world.

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