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Puppies in the Sun – Light Became Light Review

Proggy post rock that casts guitars into the fire of the sun.

What do Puppies in the Sun sound like?

Post rock but made of synths and drums.

The review of Puppies in the Sun – Light Became Light

Alberto Cendra weilds synthesizers and Cristóbal Pereira commands drums. Together as Puppies in the Sun they create a kind of noise rock in the style of post rock. At no point will a guitar or bass guitar enter the studio though. Like many other musical duos, its all about using their talents to create a vast soundscape. This means “Light Became Light”, their debut album, is like a proggy post rock space drone.

PUPPIES IN THE SUN by Piero Pereira

Across the 40 minutes, Cendra and Pereira create longform improvisations that riff on the idea of grizzly drones. Pereira triggers low end synth drones with drum pads whilst Cendra colours the rest with granular synths going nuts. It’s cosmic as the duo interplay between synth patterns and drum rhythms. It’s like noise rock in some regard, but you can hear elements of techno, hardcore rock, metal and industrial classical elements all being thrown in. The album is dense and caustic. Every synth has a cheese grater edge to it and the drums never let up. The album was recorded over two weeks during a heatwave in Barcelona and I feel like that energy sapping heat transfers into the record. It feels like the edges of the drums and synths are charred and solar burnt. I love how electrified the sound is and whilst some mind find it aggressive – and it is – I found the wall of noise evoked a trance emotion from me.

This, like most music from Buh Records, is extremely niche. Puppies in the Sun are absolutely fantastic at what they do though. If you want droning noise rock to have an apocalyptic trance to, this should be on your go to album list. “Light Became Light” is a perfect example of when improvisation and experimentation goes right. You have to give kudos to both Puppies for working so well in sync together.

Recommended track: Star, The Time Has Come, You Are Ready

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Puppies in the Sun - Light Became Light



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