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Gifts From Crows – Fragments of Light Review

Haunted photography and neoclassical themes collide.

What does Gifts From Crows sound like?

Neoclassical compositions – currently paired with ethereal photography.

The review of Gifts From Crows – Fragments of Light

In the run-up to Gift From Crows’ new album ‘Etudes of the Crow’, the neoclassical composer has gone for an interesting approach to his singles. For each one he is releasing an EP of alternative versions of the track so whether it’s the full orchestral version, piano solo or alternative ambient versions you are looking for, there’s something for every mood on each release.

‘Fragments of Light’ is a sombre and delicately balanced haunting piano piece laced with empathetic strings and glistening tuned percussion. The full orchestral version has a beautiful duality where the piano plays both lower and higher register melodies at the beginning only for the higher octave melody to be taken over by glockenspiel. Tiny xylophones pitter-patter in the mix too as the strings wane as an undercurrent alongside the moody piano. That melancholic undercurrent that personifies all Gifts From Crows music holds steady no matter how beautiful the twinkling light instruments shine.

Alongside the original orchestral version is an Ambient mix. This keeps the piano largely intact but adds a light ambient beat to the piece. The strings are pulled back and replaced with alien electric string plucks and twangs. It sounds like a guitar made of auras. The hidden gem is the piano solo version though. The understated motif is laid bare as a shimmering rumble of curiosity, admiration and reflection. I can absolutely hear this as a soundtrack to a Japanese (or at least Asian) slice-of-life-styled drama too. It has a quiet country life quality to it with its introspective beauty and melancholy.

‘Fragments of Light’ is out now as an EP on all streaming platforms. It’s taken from the forthcoming album ‘Etudes of the Crows’ which is scheduled for release in 2023. Each song features an image from Swedish photographer Johanna Ronn, which helped form the genesis of the track. In turn, Johanna has created additional images for the project too. It means the album is a real collaborative effort with each inspiring the other.

Recommended track: Fragments of Light (Piano)

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Gifts From Crows - Fragments of Light



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