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Arny Margret – They Only Talk About The Weather Review

Crystal clear folk gems recorded in sepia sound.

What does Arny Margret sound like?

Sarah Blasko and Emiliana Torrini having tea on a grassy knoll.

The review of Arny Margret – They Only Talk About the Weather

Arny Margret comes from the music stable of less is more. Her take on acoustic-driven folk is one of crystal clear clarity in her recordings. Her latest album ‘They Only Talk About The Weather’ is a deftly balanced collection of laidback, whimsical, heartwarming songs that are as comfy as they sound effortless. Arny makes music sound easy and that’s no small feat. She also manages to be utterly captivating with her use of space and reflection.

photo of Arny Margret
Arny Margret

Arny may have made her early fans from intimate performances of just guitar and vocal, but the album doesn’t stray too far away from that intimate feeling. Some songs are birthed into a full band effort but they break up the largely acoustic-led nature of the album. ‘Cold Aired Breeze’ is like its accessing sepia memories of home with its warm guitars, soft backing vocals, gentle mellotron organ and light drums. It’s one of the most produced tracks and yet the focus is still the acoustic guitar and Arny’s clean and direct voice. That rustic tone is worn like a coat of arms throughout the record. Add in some felt piano with the delicate ‘Ties’ and you have some understated folk classics.

‘Balcony’ has exceptional use of quiet space between the bittersweet wanes of country guitar wahs hidden under the acoustic strums. The mixture of poetic romance and descriptive nature makes up a large portion of the lyrics. Arny Margret paints still pictures in your mind and the space in the music lets you fill in the gaps. It takes confidence to let silence be so loud but that’s Arny’s stripped-back way.

Whilst the album is stripped back, that doesn’t mean it’s a dirge. Tracks like ‘Sniglar’, ‘Whatever it Means’ and ‘The World is Between Us’ have rhythm and pace without needing a drum beat. Musically I’m drawn to comparisons of Sarah Blasko and Emiliana Torrini (Fisherman’s Women / Tookah era) in the way how she pulls out a country twang in the music without it ever feeling like country music. It’s also an album that doesn’t shy aware from some really emotional moments. A particular highlight is the closing track ‘Abandoned’ which features Margret slowly inching up the guitar chords with her voice following. Each phrase starts to croak and crack and it’s the only part of the album where Arny’s voice isn’t totally solid. Each time I hear that specific closing minute of that song, the hairs on my neck stand up. It is electric and one of the best songs of 2022.

Whilst Arny Margret may only be talking about the weather, I think in 2023 many music lovers will be talking about Arny Margret. This album is sensational. It is an antidote to overproduction and a poster child for having confidence in pure songwriting and performance. I’d also recommend catching her live if you can, her recorded solo performances she places on YouTube are equally superb. If you enjoy singer-songwriter or acoustic-driven music – you need to hear this.

Recommended track: balcony

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Arny Margret - They Only Talk About The Weather



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