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Dazmarus – Space Sheep Review

Famicom chiptune vibes from a short, sweet, well crafted EP

What does Dazmarus sound like?

Chiptunes created to sound like the Famicom era.

The review of Dazmarus – Space Sheep

Created using the Famitracker, and with the whole release available to download and tinker with, Dazmarus’ latest EP ‘Space Sheep’ is a bountiful slice of happiness. Over the course of five tracks, we are treated to a crossover of a space adventure and something that you could also hear in an action RPG.

Dazmarus – Space Sheep

‘Cry’ is the big track here, at almost five and a half minutes. It has an epic chorus riff that sounds like we’re on a space mission. The lead synth melody has some excellent solos for the verses though, keeping the track very dynamic. I particularly love how the arpeggiator in the background spins up notes and tempos to fill out the chorus bars. It’s a joyous theme that sets the tone for the whole release.

‘Sun’ is a happy-go-lucky track that reminds me of Alex Kidd. It is the minimalist bursts of noise as the drums and the multiple lead synths twist around each other that makes it sound similar perhaps. A lack of bass keeps it peppy, whilst ‘Space Sheep’ is more rhythmic and dreamy. For the title track, it is odd that for me, it’s the least memorable on the EP. ‘Galaxy’ is like an RPG theme in waiting and does a lot of clever things, reminding me of Monster World games with its classic approach to chiptune anthems. I love how Dazmarus plays with reverse noise effects to bend the percussion here. ‘Village’ is the token slow song. Its slow idyllic pace lets its second half sound quite cute as it takes on the Final Fantasy prelude arpeggios in the background to give the track extra bubbles. The skipping percussion towards the end also marks it out too.

A short, simple EP that lays out its melodies in an easy to nod along to format, Dazmarus doesn’t waste time but makes use of it instead. The way they constantly change up either the drums, the arps or tiny inflections in the melody (ending on an up note instead of down on the next refrain) keeps each track fresh and fun. A delightful discovery for fans of the Famicom era of chip music.

Recommended track: Cry

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Dazmarus - Space Sheep



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