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Piotr Wiese – I​́​diopa​́​thē Review

A beautiful and emotion exploration of smudged piano electronica.

What does Piotr Wiese sound like?

Piano-based compositions refracted through complex electronic layers.

The review of Piotr Wiese – I​́​diopa​́​thē

Sneaking out a new double track single, Piotr Wiese returns with his unique brand of electronic piano compositions with ‘I​́​diopa​́​thē’. It isn’t often I review a two-track single but Wiese’s performances always well up a mountain of emotion and this single is no exception. Contemporary classical lovers will be in their element here.

‘I​́​dio’ opens the release with a piano riff that weaves a current of electronic synths, rolling arpeggios and filters around it. What I adore about this piece is that every single instrument is constantly changing frequency. The piano starts off like a Hauschka prepared piano before transitioning slowly into an epic grand piano with a long tail reverb. The synths also turn up and down how present they are in the mix and their verbosity too. As the percussion pumps in and the instruments expand, it is really cinematic and climactic. ‘Pa​́​thē’ is a near six-minute slow-motion heartbeat version of a similar piano riff. The piano is reversed into its notes before splashing them out as the whole track echoes like a Turkish bathhouse. Whilst it lacks the grandiose nature of its predecessor, the track acts like its epilogue. Heartfelt, weary and like a pause for breathe after an epic voyage.

The balance of upbeat uprising and restful melancholy from a similar piano motif spread out across the ten minutes works so well as a footnote in Piotr Wiese’s catalogue. The rich electronic effects really showcase how complex and artistic a smudged sound palette can be. I hope it’s a style that Piotr continues to work with on a larger release, he has a real knack for it.

Recommended track: I​́​dio

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