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Natalie Imbruglia – White Lillies Island Review

Natalie’s second album “White Lillies Album” is generally considered her most non-commercial and for that is to date her least successful of the three albums she’s released. That’s a shame as it contains some of the finest pop rock gems I’ve heard in years.

“That Day”, the first single from the album is complete change for Natalie with a fast paced vocal which is more like speed-talking than singing. It’s got a power to it though that after a few listens will grab you. Not my choice as a single but a fantastic song nonetheless. Similarly my favourite song on the album was also a single. “Beauty on the Fire” fuses electronica, rock and anthemic choruses for a fantastic song that was largely ignored by the public and I for one cannot understand why.

“Satellite” is very much like its came from “Left of the Middle” with upbeat acoustic driven pop melodies before “Do You Love?” showcases the harder edged side of Natalie that’s more apparent on this album which is made more hard hitting when followed by the sublime “Wrong Impression” which was the big hit from this album. Easily matching any other of Imbruglia’s singles this song is a perfect example of pop rock.

“Goodbye” is a slower melting pop of electronica and stadium rock with soaring vocals for a big climax. “Everything Goes” is a more traditional rock song that’s the most generic song on the album.

“Hurricane” though is a favourite of mine. There’s something particularly unsettling and beautiful at the same time with its quiet guitars and dampened string arrangement. Juxtaposed with “Sunlight” which is another more electronic/rock hybrid which reminds me of the more experimental songs from her debut album.

The final trio contain the acoustic based “Talking in Tongues”, “Butterflies” which is a more upbeat poppier number and the closing rock ballad “Come September” which presses all the buttons for a dramatic closer.

All said and done Natalie treads the line between rock and pop perfectly and slides under the radar for the masses yet has a certain spark that makes her unique. “White Lillies Island” proves this by giving us a catchy album that has Natalie’s own unique genre mash up and some excellent pop songs.

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