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Rikki – “Suteki Da Ne” Review

“Suteki Da Ne” is the vocal theme of Final Fantasy X and is sung by Rikki. The song is a ballad with a swaying beat, an absolutely fantastic violin solo (which actually differs from the OST version of the song, and in my opinion this version is far superior) and a completely unique vocal talent from Rikki. The vocals she provides are very high pitched and have a slight nasal effect, which is either good or bad depending on whether you like that or not, but apart from that, it’s a magnificent song, with a beautiful ending.

Normally, we are only treated to one new song on a single, but here Rikki pushes the boat out and gives us two!

“The Moon” is a song of Rikki’s, which is a piano, and vocal song. It’s very original in its concept, and if you like Rikki’s voice, you’ll adore this song, especially the chorus piece’s, which are very heartbreaking indeed. It’s an extremely timid and sad song, but has elegance to it as well.

“Pure Heart” is the big surprise here. With lyrics penned by Emiko Shiratori, the voice of Final Fantasy IX’s “Melodies Of life”, Rikki fronts a Celtic version of Final Fantasy VII Aeris’ Theme. Rikki’s voice either makes it or ruins it, depending on what you think of it when she goes ever so slightly off key at times. The rendition for me is a lovely adaptation of the theme. Surely other singles should be doing this to! To round of the album is the instrumental version of “Suteki Da Ne” which rounds of the album nicely.

To be fair, this is not going to be to everyone’s taste. Rikki’s voice is so distinct that if you don’t like it, you’ll be driven up the wall, but if it’s for you, then I suggest you snap this single up very quickly indeed as there are three fantastic songs here.

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  1. ..Suteki Da Ne is really a great song! 🙂 ..i love it same with Eyes On Me by Faye Wong, kisS me Goodbye by AngelicA Aki and 1000 Words..

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