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Would You Listen to A HPM Net Radio Station?

Over the last few weeks we’ve been looking at investing into an online radio station: Higher Plain Music Radio. It would probably be hosted on either shoutcast or more likely and feature only the artists that we love. We’d hope to do interviews too and maybe even a live show recorded and then posted for you too. However we’d like peoples feedback on the idea. Below will be a poll for everyone to have fun with and we’d love your comments on the idea. This poll is multi-choice


  1. Music, shows and interviews all sound like good ideas. Would there be interrelated features between the radio station and the youtube channel?

    1. You’d be able to hear the music on the radio and hopefully watch the game on YouTube and then read reviews on here! That way people can have all different ways to experience VGM/Games and see if its something they’d like to buy themselves… or that’s the plan anyway!

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