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Wojciech Golczewski – Linger In The Shadows OST Review

A man in desperate need of an easier name to spell, Golczewski has been scoring soundtracks for a while but recently popped up on the PlayStation Network with a free soundtrack from the game Linger in the Shadows, a kind of graphical demo that you control.

“Main Theme” is the bulk of this three track collection. It is a seven minute piece that begins ethereally and carefully meanders without really taking over. It sounds like an Enya song without the songstress herself singing. Otherworldly. This then suddenly breaks into a tense string section where you are anything but settled. The chords are dramatic and so is the playing.
The juxtaposition is great and the way how the two form into each other is clever. Then suddenly it changes pace for a climactic finale section. All this in one song? Oh yes!

“Menu” is a short but intelligent piece with two string pieces shifting in volume to make you take more of one or the other in at one time as it builds. “Credits” rounds off with an eerie piano led track that sounds more like a death screen piece more than anything else.

This soundtrack is for free. It is defiantly worth the download time if just for the Main Theme alone. There is a taste of heavy weight across these three pieces and it really sets a mood. It’s a great mini soundtrack and HPM recommends it heartily.

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