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Saeko Chiba – “Carry On Everyday” Single Review

Alundra 2 the game took a lot of flack for generally being considered a baby version of its much loved and enjoyed original. However I’ve been told by many the music held its own. While I haven’t listened to the soundtrack (and although I have the game its on my to-play list) I can tell you about the single release of the vocal theme. Saeko Chiba was on-board to sing the main theme song called “Carry On Everyday”.

The single contains the full sized version, a laid back J-pop piece with gospel undertones with backing singers “oohing” and your typical gospel keyboard pounding away behind the drum machines trying to give a contemporary almost rapped up J-pop effect. The result, combined with a rather funky piano solo in the middle gives a song that is catchy enough to hold your attention and inoffensive so that it won’t annoy listeners who do not quite get to grips with vocal tracks. It’s charm definitely grows on repeated listens.

The b-side is called “I’m Home” and although I’m not sure if its Saeko Chiba’s own song or not, I did enjoy it. “I’m Home” is much more a ballad with some interesting usage of water drops. Soft and gentle, Saeko’s voice does wander on occasion but its never off tune.

Hardly ground breaking but “Carry On Everyday” deserves a listen for its light-hearted fun. Not essential but worthwhile if you see it cheap. There’s no karaoke tracks which is the only downside and it comes as a mini-disc which means the packaging doesn’t quite fit anything but apart from that – all good!

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