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Fluid: “Dolphinus Solarus” Review

Some people may remember a certain PlayStation game released in 1998 entitled “Fluid” which had you playing as a dolphin unlocking sound loops to then mix together in a very,very basic sound studio. It was the prelude to the much more engrossing Music series from Codemasters. However, I was excited and bought the game and got with it the free promo one track CD with it. Using loops from the game, “Dolphinus Solarus” is remixed by Roger Sanchez. It’s a simple ambient bass track with echoey dolphin sirens floating throughout. It’s completely inoffensive and the bass has a nice circular ring to it. It showcases the game’s abilities to make simple tunes if not really earth shattering.

You’ll do well to pick up the disc now but the game can still be found on e-bay and Amazon marketplace so if you fancy a trip back in time to when sound programmes were limited and just as much about creating visual backdrops to beats – then you’ll have fun with Fluid.

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